Collagen is a long chain amino acid and naturally occurring protein in the body. The word collagen is rooted in Greek language and it’s the combination of ‘kolla’ means glue and ‘gennao’ means I produce. This natural abundant protein is composed of Proline, Arginine, and hydroxyprolin and found in muscles, bones, hair, and blood vessels. Collagen provides elasticity of the skin and replaces the dead skin. With the passage of time, the production of collagen decreases and it results in wrinkles and skin sagging. It holds everything in its place and produces 30% of the total protein in the body and about 70% of skin.

Human Collagen Molecule

Benefits of Collagen
Collagen poses immense benefits to skin, hair, and degeneration of joint pain. Collagen production declines with the growing age while the other lifestyle factors like smoking, poor diet, and sun exposure causes decrease in collagen at early age. Consuming protein rich food like bone broth provides excess amount of natural collagen to the body. Here are the major benefits of collagen to human body.
⦁ It improves health of skin and its increased production ensures the firmness and smoothness of the skin. The process of skin renewing and repairing fastens with the increased collagen level. It also reduces stretch marks and dryness of the skin by improving the elasticity of the skin.
⦁ Collagen supports hair protein and helps to make longer and thicker hair. It reduces the amount of grey hair by providing healthy structure of hair follicle. Collagen creams strengthens the scalp and ensure its moisturizing. Improved nourishment capability of collagen shows very effective results for split end hairs and stops hair breakage.

⦁ It strengthens nails and teeth as reports confirm that there is a deep relationship between extracellular matrix and follicle regeneration which is necessary for hair growth and the protein required for the production of nails and teeth. An adequate amount of collagen is required for fingernails and its deficiency results in nail loss and poor growth.

Benefits of Collagen
⦁ Collagen is extremely helpful to strengthen your heart and liver. Removal of impurities from the body demands healthy liver and heart. Doctors recommend glycerin to minimize liver damage and eliminate toxins and liver injury.
In short, collagen is a vital part of human body and its productivity. Protein enrich food is beneficial for the production of natural protein which is building block of cartilage and necessary part of amino acid.



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